What is it about?

Training by driving™ is a service that comes from two passions of mine. 

The first is driving cars on long distances and the second is transmitting, advising, helping.

It is about individual training, coaching or mentoring during business trips.

  • Training by driving™ is a 4in1 service.
  • You do not have to drive during the trip.
  • During the trip, you can ask what you need to know in the field of management, competency, and sales.
  • During the trip, you will learn what you originally would have spent one, two or three days for during a group training. 
  • You do not have to worry about how you will reach your destination, I will bring you there.

Whom does Training by driving™ address?

  • Managers who do not have time for their trainngs.
  • Team leaders who are not delivering results, but who do not have time to stop and to learn something new.
  • Company owners who do not know where and how to start their self-development.
  • All those who are tired to drive and want to know more about the world of team management.
  • Shop managers who go to see their employees in their working places and who have little time during the trip to think about their performance. 
  • General company managers who need to improve their management competencies, for whom strategies are always more important than self-development.

How does it work?

  • I am a Lector, who is capable to help you in the field of management of people, sales and the development of personal capacities.
  • As your driver/counsellor in development, I fetch you where and at the time we have agreed on.
  • During the whole trip, I drive and we analyse together the issues that we have agreed on before leaving for our trip.
  • The result after the trip is over is that you acquired a competency or the agreed next steps in the field in which you needed help.
  • During the whole trip, we focus only on the problems you need to solve.
  • I bring you to your destination.


There, I can wait for you and we drive the way back or you stay at your destination and I travel on.