Juraj Surma

"Every organization is held together by the emotions of the people who make it up. And it is emotions that promote or prevent change. I help you understand and understand how to work with change to make it actionable and sustainable by understanding the emotions of the organization, team, leader or employee. "

My father was a member of the special forces. Mom, principal and inspector in kindergarten. The perfect combination for a consultant. I started with experiential learning (2006 - 2008), continued with soft skills training and coaching (2008 - 2015) and now I focus on INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT of TOP, MID and First Line managers and finding the reasons why work teams do not perform well before, during and after the change.

I gained the theoretical basis as the first in Slovakia from the prestigious INSEAD in the field of Executive Master in coaching and consulting for change (2020). Through mentoring and coaching in combination with long-term SHADOWING, I help managers set up their routines, the routines of their teams, add the skills that managers need to gain a long-term relationship with their teams. And most of all, I help with individual and organizational changes through a psychodynamic approach.

I am familiar with the issues of WCM and production and service management systems. I participate in updating organigrams at all levels. I believe that change takes time and therefore I prefer long-term relationships with more than 50 consultation days for a small number of clients per year.

Hlohovec, European capital of culture 2026 candidacy
Project director of the bid of Town Hlohovec
2020 - 2021
Graduating in Executive master in consulting and coaching for Change
INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France
2018 - 2020
Leadership, skills and sales developer
2015 -
Co-Author of podcast show Manager-Guide.com
In cooperation with Gabriel Gálgóci, we delivered more than 130 podcasts so far
2013 -
Senior consultant & Sales director
Maxman Consultants
2008 - 2015
Executive director
Outward Bound Slovakia
2006 - 2008
Completion of Training of Trainers program
CSDF Budapešť & NCSU Bratislava
2004 - 2006
Festival manager
Scenic Harvest theater festival
2003 - 2008
Executive director
LETAVY, artistic workshop summer camp
2000 - 2007
Arts Management study
Academy of performing arts, Bratislava
1999 - 2002


As first in Slovakia I graduated in year 2020 Executive master in coaching and consulting for change Executive master in coaching and consulting for change at the French INSEAD . This study brings to my practice a new level of perception of the development of individuals and teams based on a psychodynamic approach. It allows me to perceive the facts that are happening beneath the surface of the functionality of teams and individuals and thus to recognize the real reasons for inefficiency in work or personal performance. The use of the so-called "Nigth Vision" creates space to remove barriers and kick-start change for individuals, teams and organizations.

ECOC 2026

In 2019, 2020 and 2021, I worked as a project director of my city's candidacy for Hlohovec for the European Capital of Culture for 2026 (ECOC). The ECOC is the largest change management project in which I have had the opportunity to participate and directly involves the inhabitants of the city and region applying for candidacy. In the case of Hlohovec it is 45,000 inhabitants. I'm a co-author of the application concept and co-author of our city application and I was in charge of a team of 30 people, who participated in the creation of the application. The application predicts the future of the city and the region as a place that will be severely affected by the destabilization of the environment, demotivation to relations and dehumanization of the population after the end of the economic cycle. The change in the city's culture as well as the work of the creative industry and art in the city should have prepared Hlohovec for this time and averted its consequences. The combination of management, agile management, volunteering, creativity, foreign relations and diplomacy makes this 15-month work one of the most precious professional experiences for me, which can be repeated in Slovakia in such a constellation only once in 13 years.


Since the 2016/2017 season I am the playing captain and coach of the men's floorball team Trenovec, which is the B-team of the extraliga AS TrenčínIn the 2017/2018, 2018/2019 season we became champions of the second league and in the 2019/2020 season we reached the final, where we were stopped not by our opponent but by the corona. Coaching and playing with players who are mostly born from 1995 and up brings me in constant contact with the young and up and coming generation who I help to achieve success in the game and for some in life. But most importantly, they teach me how to look at the world through their eyes as well, and how to perceive the reality of the times, through the eyes of those who no longer know what a world without social networks, without the internet, is.


LETAVY is a meeting of people who are close to art, but not their profession, people who are looking for a way to the beautiful and need guidance, people who already know where they are going, but are looking for new ways to reach the goal. This goal is an artistic, theatrical, literary, photographic, dance and musical way of communication. 

A unique event in the context of Central European experiential tourism and non-formal education, was my first managerial and long-term activity, which affected the perception of my role in community life. Create space. This "meaning of life" was transferred from LETAV to the next years of my leisure and professional career.