Originally, I am a person from the cultural field: I studied theatre management at VŠMU (Academy of Performing Arts) in Bratislava. After having managed and produced the most important artistic workshops in Central Europe, LETAVY, for 6 years, and managed the oldest theatre festival in Europe, Scénická Žatva, for 5 years, I decided to leave the world of arts and dedicate myself to the world of the development of individuals and teams at their working places.

After having completed 3 years of Trainers Training studies in Slovakia and Hungary (NCSU Bratislava & CSDF Hungary), I became a project manager and, later, also an executive director of Štúdio Zážitku - Outward Bound Slovakia.

After having been, for two years, the manager of an internal team of 11 members and 50 external collaborators, I changed then to a 7 year-long position of Senior Consultant and Sales Director at Maxman Consultants. During 7 years, I trained the employees of more than five dozens firms in all the fields of our economy. As a consultant, I worked in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and the United Arabic Emirates. When I started at Maxman's, I had three employees. I left when 14 consultants were working at Maxman's.

In 2013, I elaborated a series of podcasts about Guidance for Managers, that presents short analyses of different managerial situations I am confronted with in my practical work as a consultant and lecturer. Since 2015, I have a partner in my podcasts, Gabriel Galgóci, with whom we do our best to help the managers in situations about which everyone knows that they happen, but nobody speaks in practice. www.sprievodca-manazera.sk

Since 2015, I have worked on the market mostly as a Senior consultant, dedicated to individual training of managers, employees and company directors who felt that group trainings are not sufficient for the development of their managerial and sellers' skills.